After the BEAD DAYS in Kempten 2017 Margrit and I decided to pause with the BEAD DAYS as a fair in 2018.



Intensive consultation and talks with you (visitors, artists, suppliers and exhibitors) we have noticed that the general interest in beading has decreased. Accordingly, the economic challenge for artists, exhibitors and of course for us has tremendously increased. That's why the BEAD DAYS 2018 will take a break as a trade fair event.



We are delighted this year that we will be able to show unique jewelry pieces of the Toho Challenge 2016 exclusively in Europe during BEAD DAYS. The products used are all the same but the results are  different. Take a look at the BEAD DAYS 2017 in Kempten

Take the 2017 Toho Challenge

Everyone can participate even if you were not able to get a challenge kit at this year's Bead and Button show in Milwaukee.

Everyone can participate even if you were not able to get a challenge kit at this year's Bead and Button show in Milwaukee.

Here's how:

1.      Create a design of your choice using ONLY Toho seed beads and Czech Glass beads in the 2017 Toho Challenge color Pallete; Look through your bead stash or purchase these Toho colors in any Toho shape or size and quantity, at your favorite bead store, color #90 - #123 - #204 - #248 - Hybrid #Y617 - #618 - #932 - #932FM - #989 - #989FM

You can also use these Czech beads: 3mm Melon Pacifica Macadamia - 5mm Melon Metallic Suede Dark Plum - 14mm melon Agamemnon - CzechMate Crescents Pacifica Macadamia and Saturated Metallic Aqua –

You can use any findings, threads, or backing materials, and 1 Focal item of your choice, but NO other seed beads, or Czech beads!


2.       Send us a photo of your completed design to and we will post it on the Team Toho website and facebook page for everyone to share, and if we receive a photo of your design by August 31st you would be considered to be one of the Featured designers for the 2018 Toho Challenge where your design would be shared around the world at Bead shows and in the Toho Glass museum in Hiroshima Japan. 


Come on now, join the fun! happy Beading!


A Dicovery to the Bijouterie of Jablonec in Kaufbeuren|Germany


New Jabolonec is a district of Kaufbeuren and an industrial district of the German fashion jewellry amd accessory industry.

Besides the production of endconsumer products the industry also produces and distributes lose and semifinished components for nation and international customers.


Step in and be seduced by the world of fashion jewellry the price is 18€ per Person:


Friday, 30th June 2017

  • 8.00 am: Bus pic up in front of the BigBOX | Kempten
  • 9.00 am: Short introduction by the GM of Kaufbeuren Touristic Mr. Rainer Hesse und guidance by Mr. Thomas Nölle - GM of the Gablonzer Industry thought the jewellry exibition
  • 10.30 am: Visito of company Friedrich Seibt
    • Presentation of a glas oven
    • A brief insight of the embellishment
    • Sale of glass buttons, pearls, fancy stones, jewellry pieces and glas bars
    • small lunch
  • approx. 1.30 pm : Way back to Kempten, in order to be back on time for the the Sneak-Preview at 6.00 pm.

+++ special Highlight Sommerlicht in Neugablonz +++


Beadwork is becoming increasingly popular and relevant!


This Twitter quote, the different bracelets nowadays and the personal quote of Kseniya Gulko "Today we have an obvious trend - beaded bracelets are back in fashion”are reflecting our assumption after the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, and New York.



Beads and Pendants in different shapes and colors are being more focused, at least on the catwalks around the world.



The wording “trend” is been mentioned in one of those quotes. Did you ever ask yourself who is responsible for a trend? My personal opinion is that international catwalks like Paris, Milan and New York are playing a big part whether a trend will become a trend. Especially fashion brands like Prada, Armani, Vuitton, Dior, Chanel & Co are strongly showing the path of tomorrow. We will see w/i the next couple month how vertical retailer like H&M, Zara & co will scratch on this topic and to which extend the endconsumer will adapt this influence and whether this will affect our beading scene. Let´s cross our fingers!



Rainbows ear ring by GUCCI S/S 2017

KENZO S/S 2017 "PomPom" ear ring

Baroque ear ring by ALEXANDER McQUEEN S/S2017

"Golden Yellow will be come of the colors in S/S2017"

The indian & the bohemian style  are probably expressing one of the key topic "BACK TO THE NATURE" quite well. Especially by usinfg beads and pearls.

Indeed we do need the retailer and wholesaler to be influenced but also the (social) medias: Blogs, fashion & trend magazines and Facebook & Co, which feed us with information and pictures. Apropos pictures while reading these statements of beading 2017 and looking at pictures I am really getting excited.


[ To be(ad) or not to be(ad)]




Let´s wait and see!





The BEAD DAYS are moving | Event in Hanover is cancelledt | Who would have thought all this at the beginning of the year



Important! Without them -  no bead assortment for the bead fans


bead artist

Important! Without the artist - no inspiration



Important! Without them - no exhibitors, no artists, no BEAD DAYS

BEAD DAYS Location

Name: bigBOX

Street:  Kottener Str- 64

City/ZIP: Kempten 87345



Why not Augsburg anymore?

Main reason: the city theater is suppose to move into the Kongress am Park facilities for the next 6 ! years due extensive renovation measures


Parking situtation was more than subotimal



The Kongress am Park facilities were somehow too angular


Why Kempten now?

  • Excellet event facilities in city center
  • Sufficient different accomondations - from airbnb to 5***** hotels -  nearby
  • over 2000 parking lots near the event facilities
  • convienently located

Why bigBOX?

Biggest and most modern event facility within the Allgäu. Core competences fairs, congresses, concerts, conferences ..

own hotel with workshop rooms and hall entrance flooded with lots of light



What does this tart has to do with the BEAD DAYS?

We hope that it will be clearer after some explanations.

More than 6 weeks have passed since the last BEAD DAYS.  Margrit and me are already preparing the next year 2017. As you know after the event is before the event.  We understand the BEAD DAYS as platform for all beaders to communicate, to interact and of course as a sales platform.


After 2015 we received such an overwhelming feedback that we somehow lost our core objectives and got influenced by this euphoric. Axioms like ”… you will be the benchmark for the bead scene, the visitors will overrun you, there is only one bead show ….”.

With this suitcase of expectation we were looking forward for the BEAD DAYS. After all we haven´t changed any communication strategy and the awareness of the BEAD DAYS was much higher than 2015. Accordingly it steered us to define a very subjective and undeliberated decision. The 1st BEAD DAYS in Hannover 2017.

Beaders , exhibitors and others  were extremely happy with this information. Especially since the expectations concerning a relaunch of a bead show in Hamburg were quite low


The unexpected visitor quantity of the last BEAD DAYS in Augsburg  lead us to search for reasons; The outcome of conversations with exhibitors, visitors and bead instructors (… there are potential beaders missing, young people with an affinity to beads, innovative beads…)  plus the research of the bead market is:

We will cancel the BEAD DAYS in Hannover 2017

Because, if you look at the BEAD DAYS and compare them with piece of tart and the bead segment is the total tart then you will become aware of the fact the tart will not become bigger with an additional new BEAD DAYS show. 



Instead we will create smaller assortments with less exhibitors, visitors will split even more and we will miss at the end our core target of establishing an unique interactive bead show.

We have been already talked and informed the Messe Schnelsen in Hamburg with our decision and you never know may be we will be able to concert a common activity where everyone will leave with a smile on the face and is looking forward for next year.


Thank you for your understanding!

Margrit and Johnhie