Who are we?

With the BEAD DAYS we see an unique event platform for all different kind of beads. The BEAD DAYS stands for special bead workshops with national and international bea artists; with a various assortment like crystals freom Swarovski, gem stones, jewellery supply, books, days of interaction with bead enthuasiasts and lots of fun.

We got to know each other first on the phone as business partners; Margrit as customer of Johnhie. We first met at the legandary  BeadersBest in Hamburg. Whereas here we set our first milestone for the  BEAD DAYS: a bead show in the southern part of Germany. Already after 3 month and keen the next milestones we announced the BEAD DAYS show in Augsburg.

The resonance was outstanding thus we decided to continue the bead show. So much fun, so many new friends and a huge of bucket o warmth deserves to be continued. Even if the 4C´s -  creativity | concentration | consistency | continuity - are somedays very challenging, we love, what we do!


 Margrit und Johnhie