What will happen in 2018?

...where no one can be too sad. No we don't wanna leave but we must keep moving ahead. Be happy, be joyful, continue on your path. We will come back to walk these streets again



With some impressions of the BEAD DAYS 2017 in Kempten Margrit and Johnhie say: MERCI, GRAZIE, THANKS A LOT, TYSSEN TAK, 谢谢, DANKE, спасибо, dank u well, ありがとう, GRAZZI… and until soon

We love, what we do

Behind each project there are individuals, because of bringing  their own ideas, caring  of the implementation the whole plan starts to breath. So are the BEAD DAYS. The BEAD Days are suppose to be a platform for bead enthusiats, exhibitors and bead artists for the purpose of exchanging ideas, getting inspirations, buying new products and of course having lots of fun.